Intuitive ACC Processing

Create ACC claims, invoice ACC, management payments between ACC and Cliniko
Create ACC claims, invoice ACC, management payments between ACC and Cliniko

SubmitKit syncs seamlessly with Cliniko and PracticeHub for rapid and coordinated ACC processing

We began with the aim to give you an ACC processing tool that fits intuitively with your clinic workflow. We added great features, and along the way we’ve ensured that all your appointments are invoiced and paid in as few clicks as possible.

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  • Digital ACC45 forms – Eliminate paper work and data entry with digital ACC45 forms that patients can complete from home or a device in your clinic.
  • Practitioner Invoices – Easily manage associates by generating practitioner invoices based on a percentage of their ACC and non-ACC revenue.
  • Claim Search – Retrieve read codes and injury date from ACC when patients come in with a pre-existing claim number, and fetch invoices from ACC related to a claim number.
  • Payment Tracking – Avoid missed payments with ACC payment information automatically linked to appointments, so you know if they’ve been paid or not.
  • Allowance and Timeframe Tracking – Easily view how many treatments are left for each claim and when the claim is due to expire.
  • ACC32s – Lodge ACC32s with supporting documents directly to ACC through SubmitKit.
  • ACC18 Medical Certificates – Record and lodge ACC18 medical certificates and fitness for work details.
  • Change Diagnoses – Add additional read codes to existing claims. If you need to add a read code to a claim, simply select the read code and side, then submit that change to ACC.

Streamlined clinic workflow

SubmitKit is ideal for osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, hand therapists, dental practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, sensitive claims (ISSC) contract providers and speech therapists, including ACC contractors.

All ACC service codes are supported, including contract service codes, and service items like orthotics and splints.

SubmitKit can be used by large, small or sole practices, as well as multi-disciplinary clinics. SubmitKit significantly reduces ACC administration time for practitioners or receptionists/practice managers.


Designed and developed here in Aotearoa in close conjuction with allied heath practitioners.

We introduce new features and changes whenever ACC, Cliniko or PracticeHub offer updates, and we swiftly respond to clients’ suggestions for additional useful features.


Intuitive and simple to use, with instant integration of data with your practice management system and ACC

We pride ourselves on our excellent speedy support, which is free and available whenever you need it. Support is offered as emails, phone calls, video-conferencing or on-site visits.


SubmitKit has been approved by ACC to integrate directly with their claim and invoicing systems.

It can be used securely on any type of computer or touch screen device, and in any location with an internet connection.