SubmitKit calendar view using cliniko to create claims and invoice ACC directly

Quick and easy electronic claims

  • Auto population of ACC claim forms with patient, appointment and practitioner data
  • Generates ACC claim numbers on the spot
  • Submits claims directly to ACC
  • Fetches pre-existing claim details from ACC – details such as diagnosis and date of injury can be quickly imported from ACC using just the claim number
  • List claims and the status of claims received by ACC
  • Bulk import your claims when setting up to get you started invoicing right away

Go paperless

  • Removes the need to post paper ACC claims with electronic claim submission
  • Options for patients to fill out and sign their ACC form electronically on a device in your clinic or,
  • Patients can complete and sign ACC45 forms in the comfort of their own homes, or simply using their own mobile phone

Intelligent invoicing

  • Sends invoices electronically
  • Generates and emails invoices for accredited employers
  • Creates invoices for custom service charges such as copies, reports and xrays
  • Shows list of invoices received by ACC and provides search function for invoices received
  • Option to view your appointments as a list or as a calendar
  • All ACC service codes supported

Instant payment reconciliation

  • Shows instantly when an invoice has been paid by ACC
  • Enables easy electronic checking of reason for failed payments
  • Searches ACC for payments
  • Payments are automatically broken down by provider, and totals are calculated for any chosen date range
Paperless ACC claims using cliniko patient data

Accessible data management

  • Dashboard lists which claims are expiring or have nearly reached the end of the treatment allowance
  • Easily check number of remaining treatments for any claim, for each modality in your clinic
  • Set and track the dollar amount used for services that have an amount limit
  • Allows viewing and/or exporting of list of appointments for a claim
  • Automatically generate and save 'ACC7428 application for approval of orthoses' from a claim's details
  • Lodge ACC18 medical certificates and ACC32s with attachments directly to ACC. SubmitKit will store these forms for later reference.
  • Submit additional read codes for a claim by just selecting a new read code then submitting the change to ACC
  • Any combination of multiple vendor IDs and/or provider IDs supported. Practitioners can also have multiple provider types
Submitkit list view for creating claims and invoicing ACC using practice managment system data